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A Walkthrough About gNiksports Equipment

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Our Mission

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The Chest Blaster Device

This Device, the gNIK Chest Blaster, is designed by professional athletes from Arizona. It is to be placed on the upper part of a weightlifting bench and used for bench/dumbbell pressing. The lifter will lie down (same as when bench pressing) with the gNIK Chest Blaster placed under his upper back area, evenly with his shoulders out in the normal bench/dumbbell pressing position. The lifter is now ready to start the exercise.

Once performing the intended exercise, the arms will travel down (same as a regular bench press/ dumbbell gripping). The lifter will lower the weight until the back arms /triceps touch the wings of the gNIK Chest Blaster. After lightly touching back arms/triceps lifter will push the weight back to the original start position (same as a regular bench/dumbbell press.)


Benefits of This Device Includes

  • It works
  • Increase power & improve muscle reaction time
  • Promotes consistent form throughout the exercise
  • Reduces hyper-extension, stress, and tension in the shoulder joints
  • Promotes the development and growth of the chest muscles
  • Increases chest intensity (isolation), reducing arm usage
  • Accommodates women lifters by avoiding barbells resting on their chest
  • Men can concentrate on overload at the sticking point on the bench press and more