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gNIK Chest Blaster


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Are you an athlete trying to gain maximum muscle with effective sports equipment and supplies? Then, you've come to the right place. gNiksports brings to you the gNIK chest blaster, a new patented weightlifting accessory designed for seasoned weightlifters who use the bench press and flat bench for strength and size gains. Our equipment helps you increase your strength and improve muscle reaction time.

Our Founder

Our founder is a Christian, inventor, world-class champion athlete, certified fitness instructor, personal trainer, and an international gold medalist. Our owner's family members are also world-class professional athletes.

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Why Choose Us

gNIK Chest Blaster is patented and is only available here. It is a product that works and has several advantages, including promoting muscle growth as well as reducing the risk of muscle strains. It has been used by high school and college athletes, fitness goers, and weightlifting professionals "Olympians," with a thumbs-up response from all. We also offer amazing new discounts and specials for bulk orders.


We recommend consulting a physician or health provider before using the gNIK Chest Blaster to avoid serious injury. The gNIK chest blaster should only be used as intended, and the results can vary from individual.




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